Athens Spread

Portfolio created: 2012

Athens Spread portfolio attempts to address the issue of the modern greek city in endless expansion, towards all directions with no regards to any natural or manmade limits; hiding also a wretched central area into a sea of swelling concrete structures. Nature as well as people end up deeply injured by this condition.

Dr. Kiki Kafkoula, professor at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki has noted:

“As things stand the Greek cities do not nurture human communities neither do they foster historical traditions nor even nature. To survive they need to grow up and as if recovering from a child disease distance themselves from an auto-pilot process of private speculation that destabilizes them and undermines their creative perspective”.

The large scale photographic works created for the 2012 13th Venice Biennale of Architecture focus on the face of the capital, this ancient and at the same time very new Metropole, endeavoring to narrate its history and avoiding beautifying or covering its shortcomings. On the contrary, while keeping a proper distance they offer an accurate survey of the contemporary urban development and its outcome.