Terza Natura

Portfolio created: 2004

Landscape photography can offer us three verities: geography, autobiography and metaphore. What a landscape photographer traditionaly tries to do is to show past, present and future in one shot. You need ghosts, the daily news and prophecy.

Robert Adams

The photographic expedition of the concruction of Egnatia Odos originated from my intence will to be present during the birth of a landscape. A privileged, so to speak, spectator of a cecluded, harsh landscape in transition, an «in-between» landscape. The construction of Egnatia highway was closely followed throughout its full length of 680 km, emphasizing on the dynamics of change. The interest focused on the intemediate stages of the landscape and not on its final form.

The key motive was no other than to explore the way one perceives as well as reacts against the natural and the man-made environment. The photographic interpretation derived from the intention to propose new narratives about the contemporary landscape and record its ephemeral phases at the same time.

The ephemeral landscape created during the construction of the Egnatia Motorway ceased to exist when the project was finally open for use. It ceased to be present or be noticed because the motorway’s function overshadowed all its other features. This body of work represents an account of the massive changes that affected the landscape that emerged in-between, before its altered face was taken completely for granted.