Political Rallies

Portfolio created: 2007

Political Rally of Major Party I&II

People are gathering in the central square once again, as so many times in the past.

Green on Monday, Blue on Thursday, full of confidence, full of themselves. It is they and not the opponents that will take this country a step further into a better future.

From a distance, they don’t seem that different in terms of faces, size or numbers. They don’t come from different social backgrounds, nor do they represent different morals. These people, the green and blue crowd that chose to rally in the streets and applaud their party leader with cheers and songs only ten and thirteen days, respectively, after the catastrophic fires in the Peloponnese, represent all of us…

All of us, who demand the best for this country, as long as it doesn’t bare any personal cost: all of us, who are ready to point the finger to the next guy and report his anti-social behaviour, only to copy it to the letter when no-one is looking. All of us who publicly brag about our immaculate ethos, while feeding corruption under the table.

Ten and thirteen days before these two political rallies, the country wasn’t green, nor blue. Ten and thirteen days ago, long before the cheers, the songs, the party banners, the hotdog carts, the balloons, the fireworks and the confetti, the country was black.