Roadtrip USA 16994.61

Portfolio created: 2008

Driving from coast to coast and back in America, like so many photographers before my time, invited by Yale University, with the support of a Fulbright scholarship.

I dreamt it for quite some time. Would I keep on talking about it or would I, finally, find the courage to go the distance?

And enterprise of great pitch and moment

With this regard their currents turn awry

And lose the name of action. 

Hamlet, William Shakespeare, 1601

Some actions do not daunt me anymore.


16,994 kilometres in 61 days, crossing States, cities, deserts, and seas.

When driving alone, time expands; you become either the voice and its echo, or just the silence. You are there because you drove yourself, you will arrive where you are headed, sooner or later, depending on how long you bear to drive; you distance yourself from home as much as you move towards the opposite direction.

I travelled longer and further than I could have ever imagined. My eyes see clearer, now, a little further down the road.

With this journey, I had the rare opportunity to meet with myself again after a long time.